Embroidery illustration For a very nominal cost, we offer world class embroidery, adding your logo to any of the robes in our collection. The latest in computerized equipment is used in our Distribution Center to faithfully reproduce your artwork from a palette of hundreds of colors to create a perfect match. We use the finest threads available to ensure your signature logo on the robes will last through industrial washings. Once we have your logo and color specifications, we will have a sample back for approval within days.  Email us your logo for an embroidery quote.

Cost of Embroidery

Cost is based on the number of stitches used to create your particular embroidery. A table of charges based on stitch count is listed below. We require a minimum order of 12 pieces for embroidery, which must be ordered in increments of 6 pieces.

Please note that we cannot proceed with embroidery development unless we have a firm order. Your order will be placed on Hold pending your final approval of the embroidery sample.

First Time Cost to Embroider
To create your logo, we digitize the image and create an embroidery disk of your logo. This disk carries an estimated one-time cost of $100, which will be added to your first invoice.

  • Our threads are guaranteed colorfast.
  • There is a 30% upcharge for metallic thread.
  • Minimum charge is $1.95 per embroidery (up to 5,000 stitches) and 33 cents per 1,000 stitches thereafter.
  • For each additional color there will be a charge of $.50 per color.
  • Embroideries over 10,000 stitches are billed at an additional cost of $.50 per 1,000 stitches.
Number of Stitches Cost
0-5,000 1.95
5,001-6,000 2.35
6,001-7,000 2.75
7,001-8,000 3.15
8,001-9,000 3.50
9,001-10,000 3.90

Please note that in order to keep our products competitive, our embroidery charges are passed onto our customers at our cost.


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