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Seban helps control facial oil and shine
along with other problems associated with oily skin.

Used and recommended by Dermatologists, it will not over dry or irritate sensitive acne-prone skin.

Can be used by men or women, alone or under make-up without causing streaking on all skin tones.


Seban Pads
60 Pre-soaked Pads
Convenient and Economical

Price: $28.00



Seban's secret to proven effectiveness is Perfluoroalkyl Surfactant an active ingredient in halting the production of facial oil build-up.

Seban is formulated to leave the complexion visibly clean, smooth and free of shine. Used alone or under make-up, this non-drying formula contains a unique moisturizing complex that locks moisture into the skin. Will not dry or irritate sensitive or acne prone skin.

Immediately after application, your skin will feel clean, not dry, and have a smooth matte finish.  Even if you normally have shiny skin the shine will virtually disappear! 

Seban contains no fragrance or color, and will not alter your skin tone.  It is used by both women and men who like to get through the day without feeling like their face is weighing them down.

Since facial oil tends to be a major factor in acne breakouts, Seban can help reduce acne because of its oil inhibitor effect. Through regular use, skin is clear and free of shine for up to 8 hours.

Try Seban today, you've got nothing to lose except excess facial oil.


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